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membership specialists

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve,        I’ll provide you with over 40 years of experience; 

Selling more memberships, with sound advice

and professional guidance every step of the way.


I (Doug Miller) co-founded Sales Makers in 1980 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

Sales Makers style of Assertive Hospitality (Kill the customer with Kindness) is contrary to the normal American hard-sell approach to sales.  

  • The Sales Makers system will allow you to Inspect what you expect  from your sales team and give you the data to increase your membership - without increasing your expenses with unnecessary advertising.

  • Sales Makers philosophy that retention begins the day the join will also give you the tools to not only sell more - but, retain more members, longer.

  • Thinking out of the box and unique promotions are the cornerstone of Sales Makers success. Having seen and worked with almost every type of situation you can imagine - gives us the ability to analyse the weaknesses and promote your strengths.

  • Also, having worked extensively in the United States, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Central & Western Europe – we understand the different approaches that must be used to successfully sell in the Global market.

  • By specialising in membership - our focus has always been on the fiscal fitness of every Club.

  Sometimes you just don't see the forest for the trees -                                                                                       While our Proven Profit Procedures will clearly chart your course to success.

          Having been a leader in membership sales from the beginning                              of the Industry Globally, it's only natural for Sales Makers                               to be making waves in the Internet as well.


Sales Makers


One hour Zoom calls. either as a one-off, a 10-call package or an Unlimited (monthly) option.

Provided personally by me.

You can pick my brain

Sales training for the staff




Whatever you want to talk about...

An online Salesperson that works 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, is never sick, doesn't take breaks or holidays & NO commissions.
Specialising in Pre-sales
, some  that have generated over 2,000 membership sales in
6 weeks.

design and build and maintain the online sales portal, social media, generate referrals, everything.

All you do is count the memberships
and the money.



An annual; delivered monthly service
that provides:



Social media posts

Blog posts

JoinOnline sales portal 

Generates Referrals

Increasing your sales Xponentially!

The costs


What's on your mind?

1 Hour Zoom                        £500

10 one-hour Zoom calls   £2,000

Unlimited monthly calls   £3,000

Powered by Sales Makers

Your 247 salesperson

         We design, build and maintain the                         online sales portal, social media ads,              generate referrals, everything...

6 week Programme


ALL powered by Sales Makers

and Enjoy! Marketing



Monthly Marketing

We provide monthly Campaigns, Promotions, Staff Education, Social Media and Blog posts, an online sales portal -

All you do is count Members and money!

ALL powered by Sales Makers

and Enjoy! Marketing

£3,000 per month for 12 months

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