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Professional Insultant

Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you’re trying to achieve, I’ll provide you with over 40 years of experience; 

Selling more memberships, with sound advice and professional guidance every step of the way.


I (Doug Miller) co-founded Sales Makers in 1980 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  

Sales Makers style of Assertive Hospitality (Kill the customer with Kindness) is contrary to the normal American hard-sell approach to sales.  

  • The Sales Makers system will allow you to Inspect what you expect  from your sales team and give you the data to increase your membership - without increasing your expenses with unnecessary advertising.

  • Sales Makers philosophy that retention begins the day the join will also give you the tools to not only sell more - but, retain more members, longer.

  • Thinking out of the box and unique promotions are the cornerstone of Sales Makers success. Having seen and worked with almost every type of situation you can imagine - gives us the ability to analyse the weaknesses and promote your strengths.

  • Also, having worked extensively in the United States, Canada, UK, Scandinavia, Central & Western Europe – we understand the different approaches that must be used to successfully sell in the Global market.

  • By specialising in membership - our focus has always been on the core of every Club.

                                                 Sometimes you just don't see the forest for the trees -                                                                               While our Proven Profit Procedures will clearly outline your path to success.

  • Having been a leader in membership sales from the beginning of the Industry in both the US and the UK, it's only natural for Sales Makers to be making waves in the Internet as well.

                               Our Sales Makers Accelerator (powered by Enjoy!) programme can automate

your social media, postings and sales generation...


                                                              Technically, I'm retired.

Four years ago (July 5th, 2018) - they gave me three months to live...

Today; somehow, I'm Cancer free.

After the year from Hell, came Covid - for two years.

All this, combined with my age - I decided 40 years was enough.

I have done one nine-day on- the-road trip (in the last four years) to Scandinavia                               and I hated the travel; but, loved the work.

However; I am still working with Clients: via Zoom.

So, what's the story? 

I'm bored. 

I've got forty-three years of hands-on experience helping Clubs increase their membership.                It seems a waste to not share this, since I can make a difference.


Now, tell me your story..

I'm not taking on much work - I'm not into flying anywhere - unless it's a really interesting project.    (I will, however; only fly Business.)

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How Do I Work?

                                                                                              A one-hour Zoom Call begins the process.


  • This is credited to the options below, if we continue.

  • This is prepaid - £500.

From there we determine the next course of action.


  • An in-person visit to the Club to analyse and get a better grasp of the situation.

    • This is £1,400 per day (normally, three days.)​



  • A ten, one-hour package of Zoom calls is available.

    • £2,000.​

    • Otherwise, £500 per hour.

What else can I offer?

Over 40+ years I've worked with countless speakers, suppliers and Club owner/operators. 

  • Do you want a world-class Presenter for your event?        I've got over twenty of the worlds best Presenters in my Speakers Bureau                                                                                                who charge only £500 for a presentation - some normally charge thousands                                                                                                                          ...with a variety of topics for your Conference.

    • NOTE: Keep an eye out for the Virtual Roadshow​ APP scheduled for mid 2023...

  • Are you looking to purchase some new equipment?           My contacts give me the ability to assist you in purchasing equipment                                                                                                                                        (with a Doug deal) - meaning a great price for you.

  • Do you need to reach out to someone?                                     is there somebody you want to meet, someone you want to talk to...I can                                                                                                                                  normally connect you with two phone calls...


+44 (0)7855 744 222



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X-Selling @ Membership Sales                                   My book...                                             My Podcast

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