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Film Production

What is the       

The APP delivers A-list, world-class

Presenters from the Fitness Industry weekly (Thursday 6pm GMT).

They are either streamed LIVE or recorded and then

archived in the Presenters Portal, within the APP.

All of the Presenters previous content is also archived there.

We also produce Full Day Conferences that are streamed LIVE

and recorded; of course, these are archived as well.

All of this is supported by many of the Fitness Brands

that you probably already have in your Club or Centre.

As a client of one of these brands you can get it all for free.

Just check the Sponsors Portal and contact your local agent to get your code.

Otherwise the APP is a subscription.

September 7th & 8th
Branston Golf & Country Club
Burton on Trent

If you'd like to be a Sponsor or if you're a CEO who would like to attend then Get in Touch...

The next Virtual LIVE

is happening soon....

     The NEW Website will go live on May 1.

Subscription Info & Rates

                As a Subscriber to the you receive:

  • Free, Priority attendence to LIVE Roadshows

  • Weekly Presentations by one of our Speakers Bureau Presenters

    • Either LIVE or Recorded​

    • Different Topics every week - delivered Thursday at 6pm GMT​​

  • ​​Access to the Speakers Bureau Library​

    • Archived Presentations by our Speakers ​

    • Direct links to the Speakers

  • Access to the Sponsors Portal​

    • Some of the Sponsors offer special rates to Subscribers​

    • Sponsors have special rates to Subscribe - Contact them Direct!

    • Direct links to the Sponsors


  • One RoadShow*                                        £2  

  • One Club - ALL Staff​ *                       £5

  • Chain (under 10 Clubs) - ALL Staff*                  £10

  • Chain (over 10 Clubs - All Staff *                     £20

  • Association (includes All Clubs & Staff)*           £50

        *NOTE:   Only includes the one RoadShow.

To Convert to a Subscriber; the same rates apply,

but need to be paid monthly by Direct Debit

for a minimum period of one year,

at which time it becomes

a month-to-month agreement.

Subscribers get

Full Access to the Library

and other entitlements listed above.

Sponsorship Opportunities

What do you get as a Sponsor?

  • Unlimited FREE Codes for ALL of your installations and Clients worldwide  

                                      Helping them grow their business; so, they can buy more products.

  • Listing in the Sponsors Portal​

    • Great exposure for your brand​

    • You can have descriptions, pictures, videos of your products.

    • We have the ability communicate with ALL of the Subscribers - directly through the APP

    • Every week we download a new presentation brining NEW viewers to your Portal

  • VirtualRoadShow.LIVE discounts​

    • When we produce a LIVE RoadShow you get preferred access and discounts

  • Sponsorship is a fixed price for one year and is limited; but is paid monthly, with NO contract!​

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor  please send us a message

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